About Us

L & M Gold Star is an electrical appliance retailer, wholesaler and rental organisation.

In 2014 L & M Electronics and Gold Star Electrics joined to become the new entity L & M Gold Star.  With L & M being established in 1963 and Gold Star in 1969, the team has an outstanding reputation for customer service.

L & M Gold Star remains a family owned and operated entity with the 4th generation now employed in the business.

Our European kitchen display showroom is open at 2584 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach. Here you will find the latest in cooking technology with live cooking demonstrations and full working kitchens. The showroom also has a full range of refrigeration, air conditioning, laundry and television displays.


Our Services 


Hospitality Division

Headed up by Chris Le Breton on the Gold Coast, and by Jack Hockley on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane, the Hospitality Division specialises in the supply and rental of electrical appliances to the hi-rise accommodation industry. 

Chris has worked for L & M for many years. Chris goes the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy, also bringing with him an exceptional amount of knowledge. Jack is the grandson of Peter Hughes who established L & M in 1963. Jack has been around the business for years, with him joining the team full-time this year. 

Our service is unsurpassed in the hospitality industry.  We carry a full range of goods from LCD TV's to washers, toasters to fridges, irons to hair dryers, commercial bedding to air conditioning.

We can both deliver and install your purchases. We even take away your old machines! L & M has been supplying the commercial industry for over 40 years and ensures the goods offered and provided are suitable for the application required.

If you can’t find what you need, we have contacts both nationally and internationally to source and import most goods - we have previously sourced bar fridges, hairdryers, LCDs and more from Asia. We have a full time Mandarin speaking project salesperson on staff to handle any equiries and specialising in unit package pricing for furniture and electrical.


Builders Division

Run by Jackie O'Neill on the Gold Coast, and by Jack Hockley on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane, our Builders Division services a number of builders in SE Qld. We supply appliances for the right price and ensure that they are delivered at the right time. From hot water systems to whitegoods, we have our builders covered. 

Jackie has been in the industry for over 20 years. Jackie is incredibly knowledgeable, reliable and dedicated. Jackie and Jack understand the building process and the needs of building companies. Their great communication skills, "can do" attiture and flexibility are what make them perfect for this role. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Jackie with any queries about pricing and the service we provide - again, we guarantee personalised service that is unsurpassed. 

We provide our own FREE* friendly delivery service to ensure appliances are delivered safely.


Air Conditioning Division

Simon Bright is our air conditioning specialist, as well as our Operations Manager. Simon has been with L & M Gold Star since 2014, bringing with him a huge amount of knowledge from previous managerial roles. Simon oversees all that we do here, ensuring that we deliver on what we promise. 

L & M Gold Star specialises in multi-head split units for the hi-rise accommodation industry, but is equally at home with single units in homes, factories and schools. For the very best advice on air conditioning, Simon is the best person to speak to. We cover all aspects of air conditioning from quotes to installation to organising post-purchase service calls. 


Rentals Division 

Chris Le Breton runs this Division as well as the Hospitality Division, as our customers in the accommodation industry require both new appliances and rental appliances. Similarly, Jack Hockley oversees the Rentals Division on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane. 

L & M offers fridges, washing machines, televisions and DVD players on both short-term and long-term rental agreements. If you are unsure about the benefits of renting an appliance instead of purchasing a new one, give Chris or Jack a call today. 


Retail Showroom

Quentyn  and  David are our kitchen sales specialist who are very passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable. 

Our sales team is guaranteed to help you find a product that is right for you. We take pride in our approach - we are friendly, reliable and trustworthy. We provide a hassle-free service, where no pressure is placed on the customer to make a purchase. 

We have a huge range of kitchen and laundry appliances, air conditioning and bathroom products* on display in our showroom. 


Commercial Bedding 

L & M Gold Star now has its own range of commercial bedding for the hospitality industry. The L & M Traveller series by A.H. Beard is proving extremely popular and comes in a full range of sizes and quality finishes.

Bathroom Supplies

Jack Hockley specialises in the full range of bathroom fittings for new builds or renovations. From taps and sinks to baths and vanities, Jack is your man.


Our Solutions For You 

  • Free* delivery
  • Installation
  • Removal of old appliance for free 
  • Full package pricing on furniture and electrical